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Free Trellis Plans

Woodworking plans, free trellis plans


A Creative Wall Dressing
Step One: Preparing for the Trellis. First, determine where to hang the fountain because it is the true focal point--the vanishing point that your eye will be drawn to by the trellis's illusion. A creative wall dressing, free trellis plans from HGTV.


Lath Trellis

When you want to showcase a climbing plant with spectacular blossoms or foliage, the trellis shouldn't fight for attention. In those situations, these simple lath trellises are perfect. Lath trellis, free plans from Black & Decker.


Post & Wire Trellis

Successful gardens often seem to be studies in contrast. Great gardeners blend and contrast plant forms, colors, and textures, using each to its greatest advantage. Texture is an important element of this design equation and one of the main features of a post and wire trellis. Post & wire trellis, free plans from Black & Decker.


Trellis Seat

Made of lattice and cedar boards, our trellis seat is ideal for conversation or quiet moments of reading. Trellis seat, free plans from Black & Decker.


A Shadow Box Outdoor Trellis

So I thought I would grow some morning glories and train them to climb a trellis attached to the garage. A shadow box outdoor trellis, free plans from DIY Network.


Garden Gateway: Build a Trellis
Made of solid redwood, our garden gateway features four distinct designs–trellis, gate, fence and bench. Garden gateway: build a trellis, free plans from Popular Mechanics.

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